After all, is the new PS5 revision better or worse? See international press tests

Collaboration between Gamer Nexus and Digital Foundry shows there’s nothing to worry about

After some saying that the new PlayStation 5 revision is worse in terms of refrigeration, already others proving otherwise, the “verdict” of a collaboration between Gamer Nexus and Digital Foundry came to the conclusion that has no significant difference in both models significant that leads you to choose between one or the other.

The new model of PlayStation 5 (CFI-1100) have less heat sinks and does not have a copper backplate part, soon it is 300g lighter, but it has a fan with wider blades. This alone would be reason to be suspicious of the console’s heat dissipation capacity.

“We didn’t see any major disadvantages in either heatsink. It seems like the fan makes a difference, but not enough to pick one for the sake of a fan,” Gamer Nexus’ Steve Burke said in a video. He also says that in tests performed by him, the consoles “are not that different”.

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“There are a lot of ways to test things. Maybe there’s a scenario that we haven’t found yet, but we’re not seeing a big difference. At least none (difference) that would make you crazy to go on eBay trying to find a specific model,” reports Steve Burke.

Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter said that “the experience of having (the revised model) was basically identical (from the original PS5).” “The difference between the old and new PlayStation 5 is minimal to say the least,” continues Leadbetter. According to him, the PS5 will continue to run games until it reaches a specific maximum temperature and then it will shut down.

The test shows that the differences are too small to create a concern. “There’s an improvement in temperatures on the voltage regulators, memory temperatures are better in some respects but worse in others, and even though the main processor gets a few degrees warmer, there’s no evidence that this presents anything worthwhile if worry as long as you keep your PS5 in a well-ventilated area,” recommends Richard Leadbetter.

YouTuber Austin Evans started the discussion with the video “The New PS5 is Worse” showing, in their tests, that the new revision of Sony’s console was warmer because it didn’t have the same amount of heatsink as the original model. After being criticized for the video, Evans published another one where he said he maintained his opinion and believed in the tests he had done.

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Via: The Verge, Kotaku