Aline and Fernanda Medrado kiss each other in A Fazenda 2021

Aline Monteiro and Fernanda Medrado exchanged kisses in A Fazenda 2021. (Image: Reproduction / PlayPlus)

the ex-panic Aline Monteiro can actually form the first LGBTQIA+ couple of The Farm 2021. the beauty exchanged kisses hot tongue with the rapper Fernanda Medrado during the party held at dawn this Saturday (18). Afterwards, the two had a triple kiss with Dayane Mello.

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Internet users are closely following the steps of the former member of the program Panic in Band within the reality show of Record. All because she’s been openly flirting with Dayane since the beginning of the season. Now, with the kisses at the Tik Tok Party, it was clear that the brunette is willing to live good experiences in the game.

The scenes were shown live on PlayPlus, the broadcaster’s streaming platform. Fans are rooting for the scenes to be featured in the show’s daily summary on open TV. Aline and Dayane had already kissed inside the headquarters, but the images were cut from the edition.

If any romance is confirmed, it will not be the first time that Record will have to deal with a gay couple within the rural reality show. Angelis Borges, the big winner of Summer farm, also maintained a relationship with another woman in confinement. The program was an alternative version of A Fazenda, this time with anonymous ones, shown in 2012 and directed by Rodrigo Faro.

Dayane Mello is openly bisexual and caused a lot during the Grande Fratello Vip, the Big Brother of Italy, by living a lesbian romance inside confinement. The attitude ended up yielding homophobic attacks on the part of viewers in the country.

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