Bauru’s court orders the construction of Praça Portugal to stop after trees are felled


Trees were removed for the works around Praça Portugal

Judge Ana Lúcia Graça Lima Aiello, from the 1st Court of the Public Treasury of Bauru, determined, in the early afternoon of this Friday (17), the immediate stoppage of the interventions that have been carried out in Praça Portugal, in the city. She granted the request for provisional relief (injunction) in a class action, authored by lawyer Edilson Rodrigo Nogueira Marciano, which began to be processed last Tuesday (14).

The decision has the support of the Environment Prosecutor of Bauru, Luiz Eduardo Sciuli de Castro, who yesterday expressed agreement with the request for an injunction. The felling of 51 trees at the site (44 were initially suppressed and then another seven) to begin construction work on the new road system in the region has generated controversy in the city.

So much so that, at the end of the afternoon of this Thursday (16), entities went to the place and held a demonstration, including the planting of seedlings. A group camped in the area and promises to stay until they get a public hearing to debate the city’s environmental issue.

Given the context, magistrate Ana Lúcia Graça Lima Aiello determined that the city refrain from carrying out any intervention in Praça Portugal, referring to the suppression of other trees or undergrowth, as well as not intervening in the aesthetics of the place so that it does not any further modification is noticed, until a court order to the contrary.

As this is a counterpart project arising from the construction of a project located two blocks from the aforementioned square, the judge also determined that the prosecutor Henrique Ribeiro Varonez, from the 3rd Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bauru Housing and Urbanism, analyzes the process and manifests itself in regarding the progress of the works on the real estate development, considering the court decision that determined the suspension of the counterpart work in Praça Portugal.

Ana Lúcia Graça Lima Aiello also leaves for an opportune moment the analysis of the convenience of the conciliation hearing, as stated in her decision.