Bolsonaro’s love for the lie is fully reciprocated, reveals Datafolha – 18/09/2021

The week began with a declaration of love from Bolsonaro to fake news: “It’s part of our life”. The president treated the scourge with unheard of affection: “Who has never told a little lie to his girlfriend?” The week comes to an end with Datafolha’s revelation that the captain’s love for lies has never been more reciprocated.

The vast majority of the electorate (85%) listens to Bolsonaro with a flea in their ear — 57% never trust what the President of the Republic declares, 28% trust only occasionally. Only a minority (15%) trust 100% of what flows from the lips of the supposed leader of the nation. The level of distrust of the captain’s lines has never been higher.

The country realized that Bolsonaro operates in a world with two truths: his and the true. The first Bolsonaro personifies the new politics, abhors corruption, chases away communism, and worships a verse from the Gospel of John: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The other Bolsonaro, portrayed by Datafolha, is similar to the first, except that it lies a little.

Such dislike of facts ended up converting Bolsonaro into a kind of fake president. Justice be done to him: no one reaches such a position by chance. It’s not that the character sporadically flirts with the untruth. No, no, absolutely. It must be recognized that Bolsonaro’s progress is based on a lie. O Brazil only gets worse. But the presidential clan’s finances keep improving.

The Bolsonaro family prospered in life through hard work—taxpayer work. The dynasty enjoys all the comforts that the sweat of the Brazilian can afford. The patriarch is a great supporter of patriotism and the institution of the family. He raised his children to love the green and yellow flag. The boys did not hesitate to follow in their father’s footsteps. They married the motherland. And they went to live in the public deficit.

Bolsonaro took refuge in a state paycheck for the first time at the age of 18, when he joined the army. Today, at the head of the most military civilian government in history, the captain boasts of his military origins, although he was expelled from the barracks through the back door just 15 years after being in the square. A politician for 32 years, Bolsonaro has accumulated more time in a split than in a uniform.

President for almost three years, Bolsonaro does Brazilians the favor of sacrificing for the good of the community. Complained on July 21: “I often say to my friends: don’t want this chair, this one has Kryptonite, brush Superman, let alone me!” A week ago, he complained: “The life of a president is not easy. If anyone wants to change with me, change now.”

For Bolsonaro, the Presidency is “a mission from God.” Unafraid that Covid’s CPI might call him in for a confrontation with the Almighty, the captain offers to solve even the problems the Brazilian didn’t know he had. For example: communism.

This Friday, while passing through Minas Gerais, Bolsonaro reassured the country: “One of the things that comforts me the most is to know that in that chair of mine there in Brasília there is not a communist sitting.” He confirmed that he will be in New York next Tuesday. He will address the opening of the UN General Assembly. He announced that he will tell some “truths” about Brazil. Tremble, world!

Even before hearing the “truths” that Bolsonaro will dump on the UN platform, the Brazilian, already vaccinated against the speaker’s lies, realizes that life as a president is very easy, it is difficult to be presided over daily by Bolsonaro. If the captain’s passage through the Planalto is of any use, it is to prove that governing Brazil is not so difficult.

The schedule is good, the money is reasonable, you travel to New York for free, you can ride a motorcycle on weekends, and there is always the possibility of dismissing Minister Marcelo Queiroga, which must give a very good feeling. By a lucky trick, Bolsonaro believes that the lack of printed voting will detract from the electronic voting machines that have already granted him so many elective terms.

A few days ago, in response to the lies about electronic voting machines that Bolsonaro repeated on the 7 September platforms, TSE president Luís Roberto Barroso called him a “scamer”. Echoing the majority who expressed themselves through Datafolha, Barroso said that Bolsonaro’s motto is different from the one noted in John 8:32. “You will know a lie, and a lie will imprison you,” declared the magistrate. Barroso may have sounded premonitory.