Carlos Bolsonaro presents project to stop trans athletes from acting in Rio and cut incentives

Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) presented a bill at the Rio de Janeiro City Council that intends to prohibit the city from paying incentive scholarships for trans athletes who want to play “in the opposite sex”. PL also aims to prohibit athletes from acting within the municipality. The information was published by the newspaper “O Globo”.

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According to the proposal, event organizers in the city of Rio would need to fill out a term in which they declare that there are no transgender persons in evidence that are not of their biological sex. The text also foresees a fine of R$ 10 thousand and revocation of the event’s license. The law would apply to any event with the participation of the city hall, directly or indirectly.

– With this pseudo-scientific argument, and clearly arbitrary political order, LGBT activists defend that fathers and mothers should allow their children to decide at an early age, issues of sexual identity – says part of the text published in the Official Gazette, this Friday- fair.

Carlos also mentioned volleyball player Tiffany, the first trans to act in the National Volleyball League. According to the councilor, the measure aims to contain the “spread of gender ideology”.

– It is not a problematization, a non-existent issue; on the contrary, if nothing is done, we will see the emergence of a contingent of girls and women who are frankly frustrated and ejected from one of the most significant fields of culture, sports – says Carlos when mentioning Tiffany in the explanatory memorandum.

To be validated, the project needs to be brought to the agenda by the mayor and accepted by the majority of councilors. If this process is validated by the collegiate, it is still necessary to sanction the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes.