Daniel Alves only accepted termination after São Paulo guaranteed the amount of ‘down payment’ – Blog do Perrone

One of the last knots to be untied by São Paulo and representatives of Daniel Alves before the agreement between the parties was a request from the player to receive an amount as a down payment, as the rest would be paid in installments.

The impasse was resolved at a meeting in Morumbi last Wednesday (15). The athlete was represented by attorney André Ribeiro.

The club’s claim was that there was no money available to pay the jackpot. In turn, the midfielder and lateral did not accept to accept a long-term installment plan and leave with no money in hand.

The parties reached a consensus when Daniel Alves agreed to give up receiving the amounts related to salaries he would have to receive until the end of 2021.

With that, September 17 was stipulated as the termination date. Daniel lost the right to receive salaries registered in the portfolio from that day onwards, but was entitled to severance pay, such as a 40% fine on the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) and proportional vacations and 13th salary, in addition to being able to withdraw the amount referring to the FGTS.

The club has up to 10 days after termination to pay termination fees, which effectively compensated for the lack of an entry.

Daniel got an “amount in hand”. São Paulo got rid of paying the amounts referring to salaries for 2021, but had to assume the expenses with the termination.

The board’s assessment is that, even with this expense, the negotiation was advantageous because of the savings on salaries and because a portion of the money that will play the entry role had already left the club’s cash register. These are FGTS deposits.

The total amount to be paid to Daniel in the agreement was approximately R$25 million. The remaining balance after receipt of severance pay will be paid within 60 months from next year.

In this amount, there are values ​​related to the debt that last Saturday reached R$ 18 million and a part of what the athlete had to receive in 2022. The contract would be valid until December of next year. The São Paulo board estimates savings of R$27 million with the termination.

The current tricolor board says it had been paying Daniel’s salaries on time. But he delayed payments for what he calls the purchase of economic rights sold by the athlete.