It wasn’t Anvisa that took the Argentina team out of the field, says director – 18/09/2021

The match between Brazil and Argentina for the South American Qualifiers was interrupted in the first minutes at the Neo Química Arena with action from an Anvisa server to remove from the field players who could not have entered the country because they passed through England less than 14 days before the match. arrival and answered a form stating that they were not in the UK. There were criticisms of the regulatory agency’s actions pointing to an alleged attempt at promotion by the agency, which director Alex Campos denies.

In an interview with Mauro Cezar Pereira on the program divided, of UOL Channel, the director of Anvisa says that the episode with the stoppage of the game only occurred because the situation reached the extreme after the non-compliance with quarantine at the hotel by athletes Emiliano Buendia, Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso, with a trip to training and to the stadium for the game when they could not be in the country due to sanitary restrictions.

Campos claims that the decision to abandon the match was taken by the Argentines and not by ANVISA’s decision, regretting that the episode triggered all the problems with the cancellation of the match, which now awaits definition by FIFA after the presentations of defenses by CBF, from AFA and Conmebol.

“We were very sorry that the Argentine team did not accept the isolation of players and that, after the intervention, they removed the field team, because everyone knows that, if they removed the field team, it was not because of the decision from Anvisa. This was a decision by the sports authorities and the Argentine team,” says Alex Campos.

The director of Anvisa says that, as a fan, he was also waiting for the match and refutes the assumptions that the agency wanted to appear when trying to prevent the presence of the four Argentines at the stadium.

“not at all [quis aparecer], Anvisa works daily in ports and airports on several fronts. In fact, for the [agente] Yunes leave the airport in Guarulhos and go to the soccer field, he was displaced, we embezzled our work there, which is a difficult day, a Sunday day, with many incidents and health events that happen. Nobody thought it would end a Sunday [em um estádio]”, says Campos.

“I’m a football lover, I follow your work, I’m passionate about football, I was also in front of the TV waiting for the game to watch, as every Brazilian normally does in a football classic. By the way, everything we have trying to avoid here, given the sensitivities of the times we face, is the spotlight. Now, as we are at the forefront of the pandemic, we are invited to provide clarifications at all times,” he concludes.

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