‘It’s my legacy,’ says composer who accuses Adele of plagiarizing music recorded by Martinho da Vila

  • Felipe Souza – @felipe_dess
  • From BBC News Brasil in São Paulo

Toninho Geraes sitting at the table, writing and wearing sunglasses

Credit, Personal archive

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‘My heritage, what I conquered, I may lose, but my repertoire, my songs, this is my legacy’, says Toninho Geraes

One subject dominated social media earlier in the week. The suspicion is that the British singer Adele would have plagiarized a song by a Brazilian composer.

According to the prosecution, an expert found that the song Million Years Aug, released in 2015 by the pop star, would have copied nearly 88% of the melody of Women, which became known in the voice of Martinho da Vila.

In an interview with BBC News Brasil, the composer of the song Women, Toninho Geraes, said that he has already sent two extrajudicial notifications to the singer, to the label XL Recordings, responsible for the release of the song, and the producer and composer of Million Years Ago, Greg Kurstin.

None of them were answered and now the Brazilian composer has said that he will take the case to court.