Mauro: If Abel leaves without more titles, it will already be valid for Palmeiras – 18/09/2021

Palmeiras enters the field today (17) to face Chapecoense after a defeat by Flamengo that raised criticism of the team and the work of coach Abel Ferreira, who won the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores last season, is back in the semifinal of the continental tournament, but comes from a period of bad results in Brasileirão, including at home, and after having time to train.

on the podcast Ball Posse #161, Mauro Cezar Pereira affirms that the difficulty of Palmeiras today is very clear and that the coach is unable to take more out of his squad, noting that he does not defend his resignation, but notes that he seems to have reached the maximum that he could extract.

“I think Palmeiras is a momentary technical difficulty, due to a coach who can’t get more out of the squad — for me that’s very clear,” says Mauro Cezar.

“The team at Palmeiras is good, the club is financially healthy, has conditions to have the players it has and eventually even hire more or another, especially when things get back to normal, with the public and everything else. But they have a coach. which is already in the club’s history. He gave two titles, one of them very important, which is the Libertadores, another very important one, which is the Copa do Brasil, but he stopped — nothing else comes out of there, so it seems to me that the situation is more clear and it’s even easier to solve. Not that I have to fire the technician, but it’s clear where the problem is, where the obstacle is,” he adds.

The journalist says that by the time he ends the coach’s cycle with Alviverde, the Portuguese’s work will have been worth it to Palmeiras, even if until then he does not achieve new achievements, since he was the coach who ended a fast of 21 years without Libertadores titles, in addition to winning the Copa do Brasil.

“If Abel doesn’t win anything this year and he returns to Portugal next year, for example, Abel Ferreira will have been worth it at Palmeiras, because he won two titles that are in history. A not very good season, or even bad, after a season with two titles of this size, in the end, it was profit. Life that goes on and now goes into a new phase, so I think Abel’s passage is already guaranteed as positive at Palmeiras, but the current moment is bad and it seems very clear to me,” says Mauro.

“Palmeiras can solve it in a snap if he can, when he leaves. I’m not here defending anyone’s firing, but one day he will leave and on the day he leaves, if Palmeiras knows how to hire a good coach, like Fortaleza I knew, for example, I think that Palmeiras will go up quickly, because they have a squad and are able to make changes in their squad, bringing one or another player, negotiating one or another, players who have good market value, young players there too in the cast that can be well negotiated,” he concludes.

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