Natuza Nery cries live after a story about hunger in Brazil

Natuza Nery cried when commenting on people who are hungry in Brazil. She was moved live on “Jornal GloboNews” after a report that points 27 million citizens below the poverty line in the country.

We’re not going to work. There is no way for Brazil to succeed if these people do not have work and a minimum of dignity: the condition of feeding their children. These people don’t have much of a future anymore because they didn’t have education, either because of access or conditions. Many had to work very early. Children seem doomed to have the same past as their parents.
Natuza Nery

Following the outburst, Natuza highlighted that the politicians who are in Brasília do not know the reality of the population and reinforced the need for social policies.

“I concluded that every minister needs to do an internship in Brazil. If you don’t know it, it’s very easy to discuss fiscal policy, political turmoil. The difficult thing is to improve the lives of these people,” he said.

With great food insecurity, these people are only standing because there is a lot of solidarity. And those who are supportive cannot sleep because they know that there are still many other people in need of help. Every time I come across this, I remember my purpose as a journalist. I will demand, demand and criticize the authorities so they know that they cannot live in peace.
Natuza Nery

The journalist also commented on an interview with the minister of economy, Paulo Guedes, carried out in 2019. “I felt that it did not enter the minister’s heart,” she said about the questioning of the social problems present in Brazil.

In April, Natuza Nery also cried after a report showed the story of children who lost their parents because of covid-19.