Presidents of Atlético and Fortaleza want an audience at the Copa do Brasil

Semifinalists of the Copa do Brasil, Atlético-MG and Fortaleza are talking backstage so that the duels scheduled for October 20th and 27th have the presence of fans at Castelão and also at Mineirão. The revelation was made by Sérgio Batista Coelho, president of the Minas Gerais club.

In an interview with Itatiaia Radio, the president of Alvinegro stated that he has conversations with Marcelo Paz so that fans are in loco in the confrontations that are worth a seat in the big decision of the national tournament millionaire.

“We have a group on WhatsApp and today the president of Fortaleza, Marcelo Paz, sent a message to me saying that he will do everything so that we have fans in our games. So I really believe in both matches, both in Fortaleza and here in Belo Horizonte, it will be with fans,” said Sérgio Coelho.
It is worth remembering that the drawing of field commands has not yet been carried out. It happens next week.

O UOL Sport made contact with the government of Ceará, through the advisory, to find out more details about the test event proposed for the return of the public. For now, the release is for it to take place with the presence of 10% of the capacity of Castelão, the main stage of football in Ceará. However, it has not yet been informed which game will be used for this purpose.

During a live held this Friday (17), Governor Camilo Santana spoke about the matter and highlighted:

“We are going to authorize a test-event with matches at Castelão. This is a demand from the Ceará Football Federation (FCF) which will define the first event to be held in person. The Committee decided for 10% of the public’s capacity (approximately six thousand people), and the requirement to have people vaccinated with two doses (against Covid-19). This entire protocol will be built by the Department of Health with the FCF – said Santana.

The report also made contact with Fortaleza, to find out the opinion of President Marcelo Paz.

“We hope that against Atlético-MG it can already have a public. In Belo Horizonte it already can, and we want the same in Fortaleza, to suddenly reach an understanding with the Atletica board itself. The Government of our State has already released 10% of the public in test event. We wanted before in the Brazilian Championship, but we need to wait for the Technical Council on the 28th.

We are in a state that vaccinates a lot and we have more than one million people in Fortaleza with a complete vaccination cycle. We believe in the vaccine, and we want this return with all possible care, with distance and mask. I understand that the protocol does not include the PCR test, only vaccine. We want the complete vaccine cycle”.

About the Brazilian Championship

Also during the interview with Itatiaia, the president of Atlético-MG stated that at the meeting on the 28th, between Serie A and CBF clubs, he will ask for the public to return to the beginning of October.

“Yeah, we have the meeting on September 28th, but the crowd needs to come back, we can’t wait any longer, for several reasons. And football has been the only segment that can’t have the public participating, all the other activities they are already functioning almost normally. Why doesn’t football have fans now? Football exists because of the fans and the fans want to go to the stadium. 19. So the risk is very small. It is necessary that all clubs approve the return of the fans and we will, on the 28th, ask a lot for this to happen,” he concluded.