Britto Jr Pins ‘A Fazenda 13’ Cast: ‘May Offenders Be Detained’ | celebrities

Britto JrReproduction/Instagram

Posted 20/09/2021 08:37 | Updated 09/20/2021 08:51

São Paulo – Britto Jr, 58, started Monday by needling the cast of “A Fazenda 13”. The former presenter of the rural reality show commented on a post by Adriane Galisteu, current commander of the attraction, on Twitter. “Punishment on top of punishment,” wrote the blonde, referring to the behavior of pawns in confinement.

In response to this, the journalist gave his opinion. “It’s good [que tenha punição], since the police did not arrest [aqui fora], that the offenders are detained there”, he wrote. In his post Britto did not specify names, however, some participants of “A Fazenda 13” entered the program with a complicated history with the Justice. This is the case of Nego do Borel, who even within the reality, he responds to the complaints of his ex-girlfriends, Swellen Sauer and Duda Reis.

Accused of harassment and aggression by both, the participant has also been generating negative reactions in the audience of “A Fazenda 13”. Recently, for example, he caressed Dayane Mello’s face while she slept. Another night, he tried to kiss the model in his sleep. Both episodes generated a lot of repercussion on the internet and made Nego do Borel one of the most unpopular participants in the edition, inside and outside the house.