Learn all about the new MTV and Paramount+ reality show

A group of friends enjoy a vacation in Búzios, in the Lagos region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. At home, they don’t have to worry about stocking up on drinks, going out to work and other everyday situations. The rule of “Rio Shore”, the new reality show of making out in Brazil, is only one: enjoy as if there was no tomorrow.

It may even seem like a familiar reality, but one of the main differences is that in “Rio Shore” the degree of intensity is greater. O UOL spoke with Tiago Worcman, senior vice president of MTV Latin America, who revealed details about the program. The premiere is scheduled for Sept. 30 on MTV and Paramount+.

No ex!

Natallia is one of the 'Rio Shore' participants;  which premieres on September 30th - Press Release - Press Release

Natallia is one of the ‘Rio Shore’ participants; which premieres on September 30th

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“Rio Shore” is Paramount+’s first original production. The format was so successful that it gained several versions around the world, such as “Acapulco Shore”, in Mexico, and the most successful, the British edition “Geordie Shore”, with 21 seasons. But what makes it different from “On Vacation with the Ex”, for example, which is also shown on MTV?

Starting with the concept. In “On Vacation”, participants who come out of the sea resurrect feelings of love relationships that have ended (or that were unresolved), which ensures an atmosphere of tension. In “Rio Shore”, the situations are new and developed in the eyes of the public.

That’s why the cast tends to follow the same every season. It is the “shore family”, as the participants say, as the bonds are built within the program.

“It’s almost a soap opera inside a reality show. They transform themselves during the season. That’s the main thing, their life is placed inside Shore”, compares the Viacom executive.

And the main thing: it practically has no limits!

“It’s a reality show in which we show without filter making out, enjoyment, freedom and party. There’s no limit. ‘On Vacation’ has some rules. The tablet is the one who guides what they should and shouldn’t do. Coexistence in ‘Rio’ Shore’ generates millions of stories. There are episodes that if they had script [roteiro] it would seem exaggerated. It’s impressive. It’s richer than a script, many times.”

“It’s a lot of making out”

One of the characteristics of reality shows is to shock the audience with fights and sex. Of course, in “Rio Shore” the temperature will also warm up — in every way.

With each episode you speak, I don’t believe this is possible. It’s a lot of making out. In the first episodes, everyone knows each other and there is a lot of sex between them. Do you think, formed a couple? In ten minutes you see that you are not a couple. It’s a close interaction of bodies, which then turn into bullshitJames Worcman

“Sex is icing on the cake”

Although sex scenes are part of the reality show, Viacom’s vice president says the franchise’s success is due more to context. And as with any real-life story, making out can happen.

We don’t want people to watch the reality show to see explicit sex scenes. Today, you can do this in a number of ways. It’s not our wave. Our idea is to show how they relate, in general. Not in a hardcore way. Sex is the icing on the cake.

Reality was recorded in the pandemic

After passing through 'De Vacation' and 'Acapulco Shore', Novinho is back!  - Disclosure - Disclosure

After passing through ‘De Vacation’ and ‘Acapulco Shore’, Novinho is back!

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“Rio Shore” was recorded for almost a month in the middle of the pandemic. The security protocol has imposed some changes to the format, which is usually marked by parties at clubs. Unlike a “BBB”, for example, the confinement format is more flexible. Participants, for example, come out of the bubble and meet outsiders.

“We couldn’t do like ‘Geordie’ or ‘Acapulco Shore’ where they go to a club club. The clubs were closed. We recreated some places. We closed a beach club and had an outdoor party,” explains Worcman.

It’s a season ended in itself. It doesn’t have that interaction of walking down the street and meeting random people. The positive side is that it makes them immerse themselves a lot in the relationship between themselves, without dispersing to the outside world.

Brand new: he’s back!

Matheus, o Novinho, is already known to the MTV audience. He participated in two seasons of “On Vacation with the Ex” and “Acapulco Shore”. He now returns to the “River Shore”. By the way, who nicknamed him Novinho was the singer Anitta, with whom he is a friend. Why bring him back to yet another reality show?

We always have this look of bringing characters to our own realities. And Matheus was one of them. He is a native of Rio de Janeiro and we understand that he has the Shore spirit. This more family, friends thing. He is a real Shore.

A feature of the program is that all participants are from the state of Rio da Janeiro. “There is a variety of races and sexual orientations. Our request is that there was a variety, even if cultural,” said Worcman.

“River Shore”

Premiere: Thursday, September 30
Time: at 10 pm
Where to watch: The first two episodes on the Paramount+ streaming service. And the first episode on MTV.