Marcos Veras defeats Marcius Melhem in court and puts an end to ‘censorship’; understand! | celebrities

Marcos Veras and Marcos Mionreproduction

Posted 20/09/2021 09:49 | Updated 09/20/2021 12:37 PM

São Paulo – Marcos Veras won a dispute in court against Marcius Melhem. The actor was unable to quote Globo’s former humor director on social networks since he published a post in support of Dani Calabresa, who accuses the former boss of harassment.

According to the website Notícias da TV, the dispute in court began after Marcius Melhem took offense at Marcos Veras’ publications. When declaring support for Dani Calabresa, the actor wished that “Marcius or anyone else, or anyone else who has agreed to this, will answer for the actions” and “that Marcius will pay for what he did”.

The comedian filed a lawsuit for moral damages. In June this year, judge Luiz Felipe Negrão, from the 2nd Civil Court of Barra, in Rio de Janeiro, decided that Veras should delete the contents that spoke of Melhem and could no longer quote the comedian on social networks.

Marcos veras accepted the decision, but filed an appeal. The actor argued that he was being censored and had his freedom of expression stunted. “As for the obligation not to make an imposition –not to write on their social networks any allusion to the appellee– he alleges, in short, that it offends freedom of expression, censors his speech in advance and impedes the right of defense, and may have consequence, the impossibility of defending oneself against any texts, news and/or accusations from third parties and/or the appellee itself”, says the opinion of global lawyers.

The actor won this dispute in court and can now name Marcius Melhem again, but is prohibited from insulting him. Veras cannot disregard this decision and must not make offenses that “attribute criminal and criminal facts as harassment”.

In a statement, Marcius Melhem’s advisor will not file any appeal against the current decision of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro because it “confirmed the decision rendered by the lower court judge in the indemnity action filed against Marcos Veras”, which determined the withdrawal of offensive messages posted by Veras against Melhem.

Check out the full response of the former Globo humor director’s office:

“Marcius Melhem clarifies that the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro confirmed the decision rendered by the lower court judge in the indemnity action filed against Marcos Veras, which determined the removal of offensive messages posted by the defendant against the plaintiff on their social networks, as well as to refrain from further posts in relation to Marcius.

The Court only partially accepted Marcos Veras’ interlocutory appeal to clarify that the lower court judge’s determination that “Marcos Veras should not write on his social networks “any reference to the author Marcius Vinicius de Assis Melhem until the final judgment of this action ”, “exceeded the request made by MARCIUS, which was restricted “to posts offensive to his name, image and honor, especially those that attributed to him criminal and criminal facts such as harassment”.

Precisely for this reason, Marcius will not file any appeal against this decision.

Marcius reiterates that, at no time, did he intend to impede the free expression or expression of anyone.

He understands, however, that there are limits to such manifestations, which cannot be carried out irresponsibly, so much so that he only filed lawsuits against those who offended him, cursed him and publicly slandered him.”