US to allow entry of vaccinated Brazilians from November | World

You U.S they intend to allow foreigners to enter the country fully vaccinated against covid-19 as of November, ending a ban enacted by the start of the pandemic by former president Donald Trump. The new rules will benefit travelers coming from Brazil as well.

The new system for international travel will replace the restrictions that affected, in addition to Brazil, passengers from the UK, China, India, Ireland, South Africa and European Union (EU) countries, announced White House task force chief Jeff Zients.

Foreign travelers will have to present proof of vaccination before boarding and a negative test performed three days before the trip, explained the representative of the American government when announcing the new rules.

It will also need to share a phone number and email with US authorities as part of a contact tracking system that will be implemented by US health agencies.

“Requiring that foreigners traveling to the US be fully vaccinated is a public health measure,” Zients said. “[O sistema] it is based on individuals, not countries.”

It is still not clear that vaccines will be accepted by the new system that will be implemented by the White House. According to Zients, the decision will be up to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So far, the US has authorized the use of vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).

US government sources heard by the “Financial Times” say that the US is likely to accept the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, which is widely used in Brazil, the EU and the UK. There is no information on whether US authorities will allow entry of foreigners vaccinated with Russian or Chinese immunization agents.

The US will also enforce testing rules for unvaccinated US citizens, who, after the move, will have to undergo a covid-19 test the day before their flight. The authorities will also require examinations of these people after they land in the country.

Zients explained that the new rules will come into effect “in early November” to allow airlines and other companies involved in the sector to have time to prepare for the new protocols that will be adopted in the US.

The White House was being pressured by the EU and the UK to allow the entry of vaccinated travelers and reverse the restrictive policy adopted by Trump at the beginning of the pandemic. In January, the measure was extended by Biden, citing concerns about the virus variants.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated the decision in a message posted on Twitter. The move, he said, will be a “fantastic boost for business and commerce” and will allow families and friends on both sides of the Atlantic to get together again.