9-year-old boy nearly dies after swallowing magnets during TikTok’s viral

A nine-year-old boy was rushed to a hospital in Scotland after swallowing a series of magnets while recording a popular challenge on the social network TikTok.

9-year-old Jack Mason was admitted to the health unit complaining of stomach pain and nausea. After an X-ray, doctors detected several small pieces of metal in the child’s body, which blocked his intestines. The team told parents that the boy had a “near death” experience, reported British newspaper The Independent.

The boy had to remove the magnets surgically, losing part of the small intestine, large intestine and appendix, which were compromised in the process of removing the “intruders”, according to the hospital.

Jack’s mother, 36-year-old Carolann McGeoch, said she was “terrified” by the situation, which happened as her son placed magnets in his mouth in imitation of piercing piercings.

“They explained to me that the damage caused by these magnets could be so extreme that he might not be able to take it,” Carolann recalled in an interview with British tabloid The Sun. say that I was aware that ‘anything could happen'”.

She also lamented that, although the boy survived, he lost parts of three important organs just for a “silly” play with magnets.

The NHS (National Health Service of the United Kingdom) reported that the number of hospitalizations caused by ingesting the objects has risen in recent weeks.

In a note to the local press, TikTok’s advisors stated that the safety of users is a priority for the network and stated that they do not support the challenges involving magnets.

“Our guidelines make it clear what type of content is not acceptable on our platform, and that includes content that encourages, promotes or glorifies dangerous behavior that can lead to injury,” the statement added.