After all that fifth grade, Solange goes down the level and affronts the “maternal”

Solange Gomes is  causing in reality (Photo: Reprodução/RecordTV)

Solange Gomes is causing in reality (Photo: Reproduction/RecordTV)

Solange Gomes entered “Farm 13” prepared to offer quality entertainment! The artist, who started on TV alongside Gugu, has already fought with several pedestrians and is in danger of being in the first farm of the season. Quite outspoken, she has used hilarious arguments in her fights and made the public remember the most childish discussions of the school days.

In the program this Monday (20), Record exhibited a dynamic in which the pawns had to choose an ally that they intend to take to the final and one that they would like to see as the first eliminated from the game. More cited as “first out” by colleagues, Solange did not disappoint in her turn to play. She aimed at Marina, but also hit Erika. Two participants at once.

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“I don’t really have anything against Marina, she never did anything to me, but I think she has no representation in the game at the moment, she spends the day putting on makeup, talking to her friend from school [√Črika], from the maternal. She doesn’t impose herself, she doesn’t take a position and she’s in the group, we know that here there is a group of 10 or 12 people,” said the worker.

Mari was quite hurt when she decided to speak. “You don’t know the story of anyone who’s here to accuse or talk about someone’s personality. Who do you think is being on the show so you can judge? If I were to give my opinion from what I see on the show, you’re just sleeping too and putting on makeup to show up,” replied the influencer.

Before quoting “maternal”, Solange also had a fight with Rico Melquiades. The confusion started during the break of an award-winning dynamic. Drawn, Solange was given the mission to eliminate someone from the activity and chose Rico. The influencer revolted and promised to vote for her when he had the opportunity. The atmosphere heated up and the two exchanged insults.

During the bullshit, Rico called Solange “rotten”. She got angry and retaliated by calling the boy “ugly”. Then Rico said that the artist is an “old crook”. Not wanting to be on the bottom, Solange said that Rico has entered the “unknown quota” and is just a “support for Carlinhos Maia”.

The level of cursing provoked laughter and reverberated in the networks. Many said it looked like a “fifth grade fight.” Will the next fight go through the nursery?