Bolsonaro at the UN: why president shouldn’t talk to Biden in New York, even sharing hotel and stage

  • Mariana Sanches – @mariana_sanches
  • Sent from BBC News Brasil to New York

Montage with photos of Bolsonaro and Biden side by side

Credit, Alan Santos/PR | Getty Images

The presidents of the United States, Joe Biden, and Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, possibly never had so much in common as in the period of approximately 24 hours between the afternoon of the 20th and the late morning of the 21st of this month.

Both share the same roof and the same political stage: Biden and Bolsonaro will speak one after the other at the opening of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), this Tuesday morning (21/9), and are staying at the hotel International Barclays, New York City.

Despite the coincidence of agendas — and intense efforts by the Brazilian side for the two presidents to have their first formal meeting since the Democrat took command of the White House — it is unlikely that they will speak for more than a few seconds.

“It would be great to break this silly ice,” said a high-ranking Itamaraty official, who hopes that the exchange of posts in the pulpit of the General Assembly can yield at least cordial, albeit brief, greetings between the two leaders.