Cássio Gabus Mendes shocks everyone at Globo with his attitude after the death of his uncle, Luis Gustavo

Cassio Gabus Mendes
Cássio Gabus Mendes spoke about the death of Luis Gustavo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Cassio Gabus Mendes he couldn’t hold back the emotion when talking about his uncle, Luis Gustavo, who died this Sunday (19), aged 87, after fighting bowel cancer. The famous told, in the Meeting this Monday, the details of the relationship between the two.

“I had the privilege of living with him during my entire life, in my career moments, including us sharing a studio, an apartment in Rio at the beginning of my career”, he declared.

The artist still followed: “This was at the time of Ti-Ti-Ti, in the first version, in 85. But since 1982, in the first work I did on TV Globo, Elas por Elas. We had a family relationship”.

Cássio Gabus Mendes also reported: “A life lesson I got from him. He was a teacher, he had a great love of life. I didn’t have a bad time with him. He had charisma, joy”.

The veteran’s nephew also said that he helped him at the beginning of his career by giving acting tips: “He gave me tips, of course. In our work, there is exchange”.

“When we are acting, it is essential for you to have this exchange. When you have a work partner with a capacity, a talent of that size, when you’re starting a career, it makes it much easier for you”, he vented.

Cassio also described: “He was a giant. Acting, for us, he is very important and was fundamental in my career, my whole life, he always helped me a lot, always talking, exchanging ideas, he was always special”.

“An outstanding point, he had a love for his profession, for his work. He was a very large professional, a very large respect for the profession, a scholar, an admirer of other colleagues, always following. That volume, that strength, that passion he had was very beautiful”, he vented.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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