Dayane, Gui, Tiago and Liziane get the worst of it and are in A Fazenda’s bay.

Since the debut of A Fazenda 2021, one of the most talked about dynamics of the reality show is the dreaded ‘bay’ – a separate corner of the house in which the occupants lose access to the main house and are eligible for the formation of the next garden. Check out who’s in the stall this week and how this situation could change soon!

How was the new A Fazenda 2021 bay defined?

The formation of the new bay was defined this Sunday night (19), with the Fire Test. The race was disputed by Arcrebiano, Dayane and Tiago, chosen through a draw among all the pawns.

Bil won the dynamic and received the Poder do Lampião, which guarantees him an advantage in the next farm formation, which takes place this Tuesday (21).

With the defeat in the race, Dayane and Tiago went straight to the bay. Because they lost the dynamic, each one should also choose a person to accompany them in the stall.

Who is in the stall?

In addition to Dayane and Tiago, each pulled a name to fill the position. After the Trial of Fire, Tiago chose Liziane Gutierrez for the stall, while Dayane pulled MC Gui. As such, the four pawns are in the stall and are at risk of going to the hot seat in the next garden formation.

Is that during the formation of roça this Tuesday, the most voted by the house must choose one of the people in the bay to accompany him in the elimination.

But all is not lost for Dayane, Tiago, Liziane and MC Gui. This week’s Power of Red Flame, conquered by Arcrebian during the Trial of Fire, guarantees that the pawn can exchange two people from the stall for two people from the headquarters, reversing their positions in the game. Therefore, he can still save two of the four available in the bay and change the fate of the next farm.

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