Doctor Jairo · Is having sex several times a day bad?

“Doctor, every day I have sex three to six times with my girlfriend. Could this pose any health risk?”

Considering that this situation is a process that has been happening over time, the recommendation is that the frequency of sexual intercourse be one that doesn’t disrupt the couple’s life on a daily basis and that no one gets hurt.

In the end, penis and vagina are not made of iron and having sex three to six times every day for a long period of time can end up hurting.


[email protected] EVERY DAY 3 TO 6 TIMES. IS IT WRONG?”

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How can sex hurt?

Sex is good, of course, but some wrong movements can cause pain and put an end to the “scratch and roll” on the spot. Whether it’s a rash or even a broken penis, it’s better to take it easy and not push the limits to avoid common sexual injuries and other more dangerous ones. Check out some of them:

1. Cracks in the vagina or anus

“Wild” sex or using objects (such as a vibrator) can cause small cracks in the sensitive tissue inside the vagina or anus. And this can cause pain, discomfort and bleeding. If so, your doctor may prescribe an analgesic cream. If it’s bruised, don’t put anything inside the vagina or anus until the area has healed. Use a lubricant whenever you have sex to avoid future injuries.

2. Penile Fracture

Anyone watching Grey’s Anatomy will remember the episode where doctor Mark Sloan has a fractured penis after having sex with Lexie Grey. Many people were surprised, but yes, you can fracture your penis if you bend it too much or push it hard against the pelvis in case of slipping out during penetration.

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It’s good to clarify that the penis has no bone, but the force can break one of the two inner cylinders that fill with blood during an erection. The signs of a penile fracture are popping, swelling, and severe pain that require immediate medical attention.

3. Muscle strain

There is no way, any activity in which we make the same movement over and over again – like during sex – may result in the strain of a muscle or tendon. Twisting your body too hard can strain your stomach or back muscles, for example. During an orgasm, the thighs are naturally tense and it is possible that they may become sore afterwards. However, the pain should subside in a day or two. If it doesn’t, it could be a sign of an actual injury that needs medical attention.

4. Genital burning

Feeling your vagina or penis “burning” is never normal – during sex or at other times. Many problems can cause this feeling. In women, it can occur due to vaginal dryness due to low levels of estrogen in menopause.

Injury, infection or lack of lubrication can also cause burning or pain. Feeling this burning from time to time is probably not a cause for concern, but if it becomes common or too intense, it is best to have a doctor’s appointment.

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