Exclusive: BH magicians hired at Globo talk about Fantástico: risk of death

The two greatest magicians of Belo Horizonte, Henry and Klauss, debuted this Sunday a new painting in Fantástico, on Globo: ‘Ilusões de Risco’.

Using the four elements of nature (water, earth, fire and air), the new painting commemorates the 2,500 editions of the ‘show of life’. As remembered by presenters Poliana Abrita and Tadeu Schmidt, illusionism has always been part of the attraction.

Henry and Klauss they are today the greatest modern illusionists in Latin America, with national and international awards, as well as a world record for having levitated for more than four hours on Avenida Paulista. Just before the premiere, they spoke with the Moon BH and talked about the news on Globo.

The magicians explained how the first season will work:

“Everything had a lot of training, a lot of preparation, for two years. The first season is 4 episodes, Illusions of risk, and in each episode we’re going to challenge one of the elements, the first challenge being water.” In a 1000 liter tank I’ll be inside a tank with water and a straitjacket. The risk of death exists”.

We asked if there would be a comparison in relation to Mister M, icon of a generation on the screen of Fantástico. Klauss rejected the comparison:

“At the same time he took magic to a popular level, he broke a spell, he broke this spell, this bond of enchantment. So this culture of thinking we’re deceiving the public came from Mister M. So much so that for almost 20 years there was no magic on TV [de forma fixa]. We come in a new way, but not to be a Mister M, but to be a Henry and Klauss with a modern illusionism and with a positive and innovative message”.

About Fantástico’s invitation, one of the most watched programs on TV Globo, Klauss explains that they were called since the time of the record on Avenida Paulista, in 2019.

“The world record was broadcast by Globo and they thought it was the best. They broadcast in three programs and after that our name started running there. Fantástico came to us saying that we had to show them this before and they said: ‘now you need to bring us something better’. Then we took the idea and they loved it. Until a moment of flexibility arrived and we managed to record”.