Foreign Media Reports Brazilian President’s Refusal to Comply with UN Assembly Vaccination Rule | World

The UN headquarters where the meeting is held is in New York City, where proof of vaccination is required for people to enter public spaces that are closed (such as the lobby where the meeting takes place).

Bolsonaro says that he has not yet been vaccinated. He has already made statements in which he said that he will not be vaccinated and also that he will be the last Brazilian to be vaccinated.

The city of New York asked that the heads of state be required to prove vaccination to enter the United Nations building, but the UN secretary general, António Guterres, said that the entity cannot demand this.

The newspaper claims that the idea of ​​demanding vaccination is to prevent the Assembly from becoming an event that results in many contaminations.

Reproduction of ‘New York Times’ text on UN General Assembly rules — Photo: Reproduction/NY Times

Each Assembly has a president, this year, he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives Islands. He reinforced the idea that people present at the meeting should be vaccinated.

“UN officials have said that staff at headquarters must be vaccinated, but that for very important visitors there is a ‘code of honor,'” says the paper — meaning that each of the leaders at the site must keep his word about be vaccinated.

The newspaper then writes two paragraphs about the president of Brazil. See below:

“President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, openly skeptical of the vaccination, whose popularity has dropped in part because of what critics call his disastrous management of the pandemic, promised he would not be vaccinated before his speech.”

“He was infected with Covid for over a year and then claimed to have been cured by taking hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that has not been shown to be effective in treating Covid.”

‘The Washington Post’, United States

Reproduction of the ‘Washington Post’ report on Bolsonaro’s participation in the UN General Assembly, even without having taken the vaccine — Photo: Reproduction/Washington Post

The newspaper described that President Bolsonaro claimed he has personal freedom [para recusar a vacina] and that he is against restrictions linked to fighting the coronavirus. “He stated that no one should be prohibited from coming and going as they please. He praised the supposed healing powers of the malaria drug chloroquine, long after scientists around the world called the drug ineffective. He is routinely willing to contradict experts.

‘The Guardian’, UK

The British newspaper published a text in which it quotes the Brazilian president, who stated that he will be vaccinated after everyone else is already immunized.

“The appearance of the leader of Brazil at the UN meeting seems to have been guaranteed after the secretary general [da ONU], António Guterres, admitted that it would not be possible to deny access to unvaccinated state leaders. Representatives will not be required to provide proof of immunization before entering the event, whose opening speech will be delivered by Bolsonaro.”

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