Jorge Jesus commands the undefeated Benfica and is in a better phase since leaving Flamengo

In July 2020, Jorge Jesus left the Flamengo and returned to the Benfica with the mission of putting the club back at the top of Portugal. In its first year, however, disappointment gripped the Estádio da Luz.

This Monday (20), the Incarnates receive the Good view for the sixth round of Portuguese Championship. The match is an attraction with broadcast by ESPN on Star+. Click here for more information.

Throughout 2020/21, the team was eliminated in the preliminary phases of the Champions League, was eliminated early from the Portuguese League Cup and the Europa League, was runner-up in the Portuguese Cup and did not come close to the Portuguese title.

In the first ten games of the current season, however, the team already shows improvement in some results. In the Champions preliminaries, categorical classifications, despite the scare against the PSV, and vacancy in the group stage.

In Portuguese, the results improve even more. In the first five games, five wins, isolated leadership, best attack, with 13 goals scored, and best defense, with two goals conceded.

At home, in the year, the team accumulates four victories in four games. Away, the number of victories continues, but with two draws.

In this Monday’s match, Boavista, which has only one defeat in seven matches, but with two draws. One more victim for Mister’s team to shine?