Meet BitCraft, a new community-centric Sandbox MMORPG with a fully editable world ⋆

Earlier this month I called your attention (via MMORPGBR) to a press release signed by the indie developer Clockwork Labs, which revealed to have received about $4.3 million from a group of investors, with a view to creating an “ambitious MMORPG sandbox”. And now, that title has finally been revealed. So it is! baptized as Bitcraft, the game has been described as a “new kind of MMORPG” and promises to give players the power to shape the game world with enormous freedom… let’s know?

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With the support of a presentation trailer (which you can check right below this post), Clockwork Labs devs presented the promising BitCraft and gave us an idea of ​​what’s to come. In fact, the project received an official website and registration for a pre-alpha is now available. Also, some additional information was presented. In this regard, developer co-founder Tyler Cloutier stated: “BitCraft is a community sandbox MMO game that takes place in a huge, fully editable, procedurally generated landscape, all hosted in a single seamless world, giving players a seamless unparalleled level of creativity and depth”. In other words, players can look forward to a huge world in which many dreams can be realized.

What’s more, in the announcement, the devs confirmed that gaming will be marked by an unrivaled level of freedom and a progression system that will give players all the tools they need to write their stories however they wish. Anyway, for now, the project is still at the stage of great promises. So, while the ideas for the upcoming BitCraft are interesting, it’s worth avoiding high expectations and waiting for some “more tangible” samples of the game’s potential.

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