Pokémon Trading Card Game to win PC and smartphone version

New game will be called Pokémon TCG Live and will replace the current version of the card game

THE The Pokemon Company announced today (20) the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, Or just Pokémon TCG Live, new card game coming soon to iOS, Android and PRAÇA and will replace the version of the traditional game that currently exists, the Pokémon TCG Online.

Pokemon is a 90’s franchise that continues to be active in several segments that guarantee an excellent financial return every year for the The Pokemon Company, which is run by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures.

The series is always receiving new adventures in the anime, they are toys of the most different styles in stores and especially new games arriving frequently with the most varied types of gameplay, but there is a segment that exists since 1999 and that was born offline and was taken to the digital and consequently the online, which is the Trading Card Game, the famous Pokémon collectible cards that are used for battles between players and which will now gain a new version for smartphones and computers, check out the introductory video below with some details of Pokémon TCG Live.

The new game will initially be released in Canada for a testing phase and then will be released worldwide, the company’s proposal is that the Pokémon TCG Live creach players with cross-platform multiplayer already released.

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To the players of the currently airing version, the Pokémon TCG Online, it will be possible to transfer your information and achievements to the new game, as long as they are supported in the new version, as the registration used will be the same. The current version is expected to be deactivated on the day of official release or even before the arrival of Pokémon TCG Live.

The new game promises greater interaction with the community and will bring many new features that include online matchmaking and a battle pass, as is usual in recent free-to-play games.

Nintendo Switch: Pokémon UNITE is released free for the console

Nintendo Switch: Pokémon UNITE is released free for the console
Game will also receive a version for smartphones in the future


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Via: vg247, polygon