To get around the vaccine requirement, a steakhouse improvises ‘puxadinho’ for Bolsonaro on the sidewalk in NY

  • Mariana Sanches – @mariana_sanches
  • From BBC News Brasil in Washington

Members of the delegation that accompanied the president on a trip to the United States

Credit, Mariana Sanches/ BBC News Brazil

Photo caption,

Churrascaria made ‘puxadinho’ for Bolsonaro to have lunch on the sidewalk in NY

To circumvent the requirement for vaccines in restaurants in New York, the Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão set up a kind of outdoor patio, with outdoor tables surrounded by black fences for President Jair Bolsonaro, who is not officially vaccinated.

Together with the Brazilian representative, the ministers of Health Marcelo Queiroga, Environment, Joaquim Leite, Chancellor Carlos França and GSI head Augusto Heleno had lunch.

At the end of lunch, there was a round of applause in honor of jiu jitsu fighter Henzo Gracie, who accompanied President Bolsonaro on a 7-block walk to the hotel where he is staying.

On the way, the president heard at least a “murderer” cry from a Brazilian woman who recognized him.

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