With less money than competitors, Fluminense bets on a long contract for Dani Alves

At 38, Daniel Alves may arrive at Fluminense with the highest salary of the cast (Photo: Rubens Chiri – SPFC)

Fluminense firmly entered the fight for Daniel Alves. Even with less money than the competitors, the club is betting on the project as a way to seduce the 38-year-old experienced right-back. That’s what the ge site tells you.

Well in its finances, Flamengo is one of the interested parties, as well as clubs abroad. So what would be the tricolor trump? A bigger bond.

If he closes with Flu, Daniel Alves will arrive to share the role with Fred. In fact, he would become the main star after the retirement of the fan idol, scheduled for the middle of next year.

In São Paulo, Daniel received about R$ 1.5 million a month. To close with Fluminense, you will have to drastically reduce your salaries. But it would still arrive with the highest salary of the cast and the sheet recently had a relief with the departure of the also experienced Nenê.

Other than that, the board is aware of the right-back’s desire to play in the Qatar World Cup next year. Your chances increase considerably if it’s in a good shop window. Therefore, the proposal to work for a longer time, being able to complete 40 years of age at the club, as was the case with Nenê.

If there is a positive response from Daniel Alves, the Fluminense board will have to race against time, as the deadline for entries in the Brazilian Nationals ends next Friday. He only played six matches for São Paulo and, soon, he can defend another team.

In Brazil, in addition to the double Fla-Flu, Athletico and Internacional were also other clubs that showed interest in the player.