Axie Infinity Ecosystem Cryptocurrency Rises 26% after Update Announcement – Cryptocurrencies

SAO PAULO – The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency, which is part of the Axie Infinity (AXS) game ecosystem, shoots up almost 29% this Thursday (23) after the announcement of a new update that affects the game’s internal economy who became famous for popularizing the model play-to-earn (play to win), which allows you to earn income by playing. Brazil is one of the countries with the largest number of supporters.

The novelty is in the table of fees charged in AXS and SLP for the reproduction of axies, characters inspired by Pokémon with which battles are disputed to advance in the game and, consequently, earn money.

At the close of the article, the SLP was trading up 28.7%, to US$ 0.077284, and the AXS advanced 9.4%, to US$ 67.31.

The rise in the SLP has to do with the expectation of greater purchase demand for the cryptoactive. As of tonight, players will need to shell out half of AXS and a larger amount of SLP per breed, which is the process of reproducing and creating new axies. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1 AXS per breed
  • 600 SLP for one breed, 900 SLP for two, 1,500 SLP for three, 2,400 SLP for four, 3,900 SLP for five, 6,300 SLP for six and 10,200 SLP for seven

The change is intended to balance the amounts between AXS and SLP in order to adjust the demand for the second token, which is delivered to players as payment for tasks completed in Axie Infinity. The expectation is that the search for more axies will naturally help to raise the SLP price.

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Axies are virtual pets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) that have become invaluable with the game’s popularity, as it takes at least three to play. Their skills directly influence the player’s performance and, consequently, the income. In the parallel market, a character does not cost less than R$1,000.

According to the developers, the update should help re-establish some balance in the game’s economy, generating more demand for the SLP. Players have been complaining for weeks about the sharp drop in assets since July, and are clamoring for changes that bring more usefulness to the cryptocurrency.

The measure is the second in less than two months to affect the game’s economy. In August, Axie Infinity announced an update that halved the amount of SLP paid to players.

Despite complaints at the time, mainly from younger users, the cryptocurrency also reacted positively and jumped about 20%. However, the current price is still more than 80% below the high of $0.399727 recorded on July 13 this year.

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