Fernanda Medrado gives up the game and asks to leave A Fazenda 13 – A Fazenda

Singer Fernanda Medrado, 28, has officially left The Farm 13 this Thursday night (23). She had already participated in the Power Couple Brazil and said that get into The Farm 13 it was the realization of a big dream.

Right at the entrance, Medrado already drew attention for the bright and eye-catching look he chose. she brought from power couple the friendship with Dynho Alves and identified with other pedestrians in the early days: Dayane Mello, Mileide Mihaile, MC Gui, Marina Ferrari, Aline Mineiro and others.

Medrado also starred in fun moments and composed a jingle during a dynamic that stirred up the pedestrians.

She leaves the reality show without having been able to take care of any animal. Out of fear, she did not perform the task for which she was responsible – taking care of the horse – and needed the help of Farmer Gui Araujo.

The girl will also not take the car she won during the Baú da Fazenda dynamics, one of her great wishes within the reality show, as by giving up on the program, she loses all the awards she won.

ugly fight

Things started to go wrong for the singer during the formation of Roça, last Tuesday (21). In justifying her vote for Rico Melquiades, she claimed that the pawn had told several people that Marina Ferrari’s family had money. The pawn replied and the two started a fight like that. The confusion reverberated among pedestrians until the following day.

On Wednesday (22), the person had a conversation with MC Gui, his friend in the reality show, which ended up in an argument. The funkeiro charged her for not taking a stand about his fight with Dayane Mello and also criticized her for her posture the night before.

The pressure due to this fight was increasing and Fernanda Medrado almost gave up the game on Wednesday (22). The pedestrians consoled her and she forgot the idea of ​​leaving. On the afternoon of Thursday (23), she even told her colleagues in confinement that she was sorry and promised to stay firm in the reality show. But he ended up changing his mind and giving up on his dream.


After ups and downs, Fernanda Medrado rang the bell for real and declared: “I want to give up on the program”.

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