Marcella Maia, actress in a new Globo soap opera, is attacked: “Transfobia”

Transsexual actress, model and singer Marcella Maia, known as A Maia, who is scheduled to live Death in the next 19:00 soap opera on Globo TV, Quem Mais Vida Melhor, filed a complaint on social networks. More told, this Thursday (23/9), that she was a victim of transphobia and attacked during her trip to Bahia. In Stories, the artist showed bruises.

In the images, Maia also wrote: “Prejudice exists. Take care. Without ground. No strength. I’m alive.” In another post, he showed an injury and commented: “My body doesn’t deserve this!”.


Last year, in an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, the actress said that she has had a difficult life since childhood. Marcella also revealed that she was sexually abused and had to prostitute herself in Europe for a period.

“They took my passport. I spent three months on this. I was in a shop window like meat, I was forced to prostitute myself. As I didn’t speak English, I couldn’t even go to the police station. It hurts so much just to remember. One day, they woke me up with cold water in my face, at 3 am, and said: “Your flight is leaving for Brasília. You’re going to get on the plane and you won’t say anything. Because, if he gets a file with the police, he won’t come in here for five years.” I came back with only the clothes on my back”, he reported.

new soap opera

Written by Mauro Wilson, Quem Mais Vida Melhor is the next new novel of the seven, scheduled to premiere on November 22, in place of the Pega Pega rerun.

The story, which would be called A Morte Can Wait, will have four protagonists: Guilherme, a plastic surgeon played by Mateus Solano; Vladimir Brichta, who will bring football player Neném to life; Valentina Herszage, who will play an artist who dances and sings but earns a living even as a coup artist; and Giovanna Antonelli, as Paula, a businesswoman who will be the president of a cosmetics company.