Medrado asked to leave and is out of the reality show

According to the UOL, singer and rapper Fernanda Medrado is out of “A Fazenda 13′ (RecordTV). Record TV does not confirm the information.

Shortly after having a conflict with Tati Quebra Barraco in the pantry, the now ex-peoa gave up and left the rural reality show.

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Yesterday afternoon, Medrado rang the bell for the first time, soon after vent to Aline Mineiro who wanted to leave the program after receiving an ultimatum from MC Gui about the singer’s friendship with Dayane Mello, a disaffected singer in the house.

At night, the singer rang the bell for the second time, and was supported by Aline, Dayane Mello and Gui Araujo. The images showed the pawn approaching the bell and the two fellows in confinement trying to stop it.

Then the camera’s signal was cut off on RecordTV’s streaming platform PlayPlus, prompting complaints from fans of the reality show.

On yesterday’s program, Adriane Galisteu explained that Medrado gave up on leaving “A Fazenda” after undergoing psychological care:

As you saw, Medrado rang the bell and rang twice. The first time, she didn’t say anything about it. And then it came down and rang a second time, then yes to ask to leave the game. The normal procedure in these cases is that the competitor who wants to leave the game undergoes psychological assistance immediately afterwards, and that is what happened. After this service, she gave up on leaving, decided to continue in the dispute, do you believe that? Yeah, that’s it, people, game that goes on and on hot, just the way we like it. Adriane Galisteu

Today, before the friction with Tati Quebra Barraco, Medrado explained what made her think about giving up, citing her fight with Rico Melquiades and the opinion of other pedestrians about her friendship with Dayane Mello.

“Together with everything, people think I’m a bitch, people think I’m going to f*ck outside because I’m hanging out with Dayane. Then I freaked out,” he told Dynho Alves and Sthefane Matos.

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