On its debut on September 28, New World will feature 26 servers for South America ⋆

Next Tuesday, September 28, the Amazon Games will finally release the long awaited new world and give players the opportunity to see an adventure that has everything to be a great success. And it looks like the developer is really concerned about making a good first impression. After all, yesterday, September 22nd, a list with all the servers that will be available in the game’s debut was released, with the right to many options for South America… let’s check the information?

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It was through Twitter that Amazon Games released several images that revealed the names of the servers that will be available to players who decide to join the adventures promoted by New World. In general, we will have options for North America, Europe (Central), Australia and South America. Of course, it is the options in our region that end up drawing the most attention. In this case, we will have 26 servers and their names have already been revealed (as you can see in the image below this post).

It is worth noting that the post did not present details about some important characteristics of these servers, as was the case with the issue of languages ​​and options for PVP and PVE. Then, Amazon released a post on the game’s official forum talking a little more about the subject. However, it is possible that further explanations will be given before the release of the game, as the tweet is yielding some good discussions and generating numerous doubts. So if you’re looking to take on the upcoming New World since its debut, it’s good to keep an eye on the game’s official website.

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