2021 is not over yet: see 5 cars that will be released by the end of the year

Doesn’t seem like it, but we’re already practically in the last quarter of 2021. The year has not been one of the best for the automotive industry, which had to overcome several obstacles such as the lack of semiconductors in the market that made assembly lines stop.

The Chevrolet Onix, former best-selling car in the country, for example, went almost five months without leaving the factories.

In addition, the rise of the dollar and the lack of other inputs in the production chain made the prices of 0 km cars soar and increase much more than inflation.

Even with a negative scenario and with a year almost over, some automakers still have “cards up their sleeve” for 2021. See five of the main releases that are scheduled for until the end of this year:

Fiat Pulse

Fiat Pulse / Disclosure

Since Jeep began to emerge in the SUV segment, Fiat dealerships, within the Stellantis group, clamored for a sport utility vehicle as well. The answer is the pulse, a model that will inaugurate a platform derived from the Fiat Argo. It was introduced in May and began production in July.

The first forecast for the official presentation of the Fiat Pulse was August, but it was probably delayed due to the lack of components. Fiat’s first SUV is expected to debut now between October and November and will bet on new mechanical and technology sets.

On the mechanical side, Pulse will be the first to bring the brand’s unprecedented 1.0 turbo three-cylinder engine. The power should be around 125 hp, while the torque could reach 20.4 kgfm. It will be coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission, the same as the Fiat Toro and Jeep Compass.

The entry versions must bring the same 1.3 aspirated up to 109 hp Argo, with a five-speed manual gearbox or an unprecedented automatic CVT transmission as a transmission option.

On the technology side, Fiat has already confirmed that Pulse will bring the latest version of the brand’s multimedia center, Connect////Me. Among its features will have 4G internet, Wi-Fi on board and connection to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

On the safety side, it should offer, at least as an option, systems such as autonomous emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Fiat Strada

Fiat Strada / Disclosure

Since the launch of the new-generation pickup truck last year, only one factor has kept Fiat Strada from being an even bigger success in the market: the lack of an automatic transmission. The gearbox should be the same as the Pulse Continuously Variable Ratio (CVT) gearbox. In the pickup, the novelty should debut right after the SUV, by the end of 2021.

It will be the first time that Fiat Strada will have an automatic transmission itself, remembering that the old Dualogic automated gearbox was never very successful due to its low reliability in our market. The CVT will be offered in a new high-end version that should be called Ranch, as it happens on Toro, in conjunction with the 1.3 engine from Pulse, Argo and Cronos.

Honda City

Honda City / Disclosure

Within the group of compact sedans, Honda City has never shone as bright as some of its rivals. However, this is expected to change by the end of the year. That’s when the automaker should debut here a new generation of the model. The novelty should follow what was seen in Asian markets, where it is already offered.

The new generation of City has already been spotted in tests in Brazil and should grow in comparison with the current Honda sedan. Production will take place in Itirapina (SP), and the car should bring a new 1.5 engine more efficient than the one used today.

It is derived from the same block found in the Civic and the HR-V turbo, but without supercharging. The exchange must always be automatic with continuously variable ratios (CVT).

City’s role, however, should become more important. There are rumors that Honda will stop producing the Civic in Brazil, as the new generation presented in the United States would be too expensive to maintain domestic production. Thus, the new City should be the biggest national sedan of the brand.

In addition, in 2022, the City hatch should arrive, an unprecedented configuration of the model that can take the place of the Fit at Honda’s entryway, since, like the Civic, the new generation of the MPV has become more expensive and sophisticated.

Chevrolet S10 Z71

Chevrolet S10 / Disclosure

Chevrolet had promised four launches for the Brazilian market in 2021. But two of them are already in trouble. The new generation of Bolt electric is suffering from fire cases in the United States and had pre-sale suspended here. The Equinox SUV should have already been revamped, but the factory is struggling to supply the North American market.

What we can really count on is the arrival of a new version for the S10 medium pickup. The model is one of the best sellers in its category and should follow the wave of rivals like the Ford Ranger Storm and the Toyota Hilux GR-Sport, offering a more off-road footprint.

The appeal, however, should be more visual, just like the competition. The new configuration will be called Z71, also offered in the United States, and brings some differentials such as mixed-use tires and a more elaborated suspension.

The mechanics themselves must not change. The current 2.8 turbodiesel of 200 hp and the automatic transmission of six speeds with 4×4 traction will be maintained.

Chevrolet Cruze Sport6 ​​RS

Chevrolet Cruze Sport6 ​​RS / Disclosure

The brand’s other launch for this year should be another version for the Cruze Sport6. It is the last midsize hatchback offered in Brazil that is not sold by a premium brand.

Even with the market shrinking, Chevrolet will introduce the RS version in the same mold as it appeared in the United States until 2018, when the car went out of line there.

Our Chevrolet Cruze Sport6 ​​continues to be manufactured in Argentina and, from there, the RS version should bring some differentials such as redesigned bumpers and darkened finishes, as well as a new rear wing.

Like the S10, the Cruze Sport6 ​​RS must not change engines, always bringing the 1.4 turbo flex up to 153 hp and six-speed automatic transmission.

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