Anatel: 5G auction will move R$49.7 billion

With the approval of the final version of the 5G notice today, Anatel released the updated auction values.

The event will move R$49.7 billion, R$10.6 billion of which in the form of grants and R$39.1 billion in commitments with the implementation of the networks.

The data were released during a press conference concluded this Friday, 24th.

The value represents an increase of 13% in relation to the estimated value in the draft notice finalized by Anatel in February and sent for review by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU).

“We managed to hold a non-collection auction”, highlighted the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, who participated in the press conference.

Unlike previous radio frequency auctions, the next event will have most of the amounts earmarked for investments to build their own networks instead of raising funds for public coffers.

“Since it is not a collection auction, the issue of investments is already resolved there. It is the companies that will be responsible for this”, explained Faria.

The president of Anatel, Leonardo de Morais, said that the official document of the notice should be published by Monday, 27th.

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