Exclusive: Sponsors of “The Farm” demand expulsion from Borel – 25/09/2021

Through their representatives, the five main sponsors of “A Fazenda” decided to put pressure on Record so that the network would expel Nego do Borel, suspected of rape and with accusations of harassment and abuse within the reality.

The column spoke with a representative of one of the brands, who asked for identity confidentiality, but he said he speaks on behalf of the company and even other sponsors. All are closed on the issue and want Nego do Borel out of reality.

The sponsors are: Ambev, Tik Tok, Seda, Banco Original and Aurora Alimentos.

For the sponsors, the fact tarnishes not only the image of the program, but theirs as well.

He is accused of having taken advantage of Dayane Melo at the party that took place at the “Farm”. Dayane got drunk and Borel would have taken advantage of the situation. Netizens have been accusing the artist of being a rapist.

Dayane’s police and lawyers are at the door of the production where the reality show takes place. They want to carry out physical evidence collections and forensic examination in Dyame.

Other side

Sought this Saturday, Record stated that it is investigating the case and the images, and that it will comment on the matter at the right time.

Internet users are asking for the candidate’s departure en masse.

Ricardo Feltrin at the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Ooops website