Google Pixelbook 2 has leaky renderings with five color options, 13.3 screen and more

Google invests heavily in developing its new generation of cell phones flagships — Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are expected to be announced next month with advanced cameras and the unprecedented Tensor chipset. Smartphones share their brand with big tech’s “Pixelbook” family of Chromebooks, which has not received a new addition for nearly two years.

This reality may be about to change, according to a leak that occurred this Friday (24). the leaker AppleLe257 released possible Google Pixelbook 2 specs and images, which would finally succeed the 2017 Pixelbook.

The renderings display five color choices for the putative Pixelbook 2 — pink, blue, green, orange and gold — similar in appearance to the iMac with M1. The matte finish appears to be made of aluminum, giving the chassis a more premium look.

O leaker cites the alleged Pixelbook 2 specs — the 13.3-inch screen is slightly larger than the previous generation, plus the notebook is reported to be equipped with Google Tensor, first chipset for the consumer public developed by big tech. The technical details of this hardware have been leaked in recent weeks.

It’s possible that this Chromebook retains detachable features presented in the original model, such as the 720p camera and the button dedicated to Google Assistant, but official details still need confirmation from the company.

If the rumors are true, it is possible that this is the first step towards open competition in yet another segment against Apple, after all, handheld devices with proprietary operating system and chipset are characteristic of the Macbook with M1, one of the most powerful notebooks ever released by the Apple.

In the future, do you think Google Tensor could face the Apple M1? Comment your opinion!