‘Laerte lives up to the Juca Pato trophy’, says reader – 09/24/2021 – Reader’s Panel

juca duck
“Laerte receives the Juca Pato intellectual of the year 2021 trophy” (Illustrated, 24/9). Laerte is very important nowadays. Congratulations!
Guilherme Correa (Porto Alegre, RS)

She revolutionized the way of making cartoons in Brazil. And her life causes a lot of controversy due to her sensitivity to recognize herself as a female. But what matters is that she is big. Congratulations for the prize. Laerte lives up to the Juca Pato trophy.
Jane Tadeu Silva (Aracaju, SE)

Intellectual of the Year? They will accuse me of homophobia, but I have to ask: what was Laerte’s contribution to culture such that he won a dispute with Lilia Schwarcz? Obviously, nothing against rewarding those who represent the LGBTQ movement, but there would be other, more legitimate ways to do it.
Hersch Basbaum, writer and playwright (Porto Alegre, RS)

“Covid only shortened victims’ lives for a few days or weeks, Bolsonaro tells Germans” (Power, 24/9). Bolsonaro, in turn, shortened decency in the presidency, shortened the salary of the former ghost employees of his family with the cracks, shortened the shame by fomenting the shamelessness of the centrão, shortened democracy by insufflating the coup and shortened the budget of Brazilian families with the return of inflation. All that remains is for Brazil to react and shorten its mandate through impeachment.
Túllio Marco Soares Carvalho (Belo Horizonte, MG)

I wonder how much it must hurt for a person who has lost a loved one to hear such a thing. And worse, from the mouth of the guy who represents the country.

And this guy studied at the Army Cadet Preparatory School…
Lourival Costa (Aracaju, SP)

I would like Bolsonaro supporters who have lost a loved one to Covid to take stock of your comment. I think if the degree of empathy with the neighbor is the same as that of that worm then it’s okay, isn’t it?
Marli Miranda Vieira (Sao Paulo-SP)

This week I read in a beautiful book the following sentence: “Vulgarity and ignorance are typical characteristics of fascism”. This is proven and proves itself every day. Luckily, the vast majority of Brazilians are neither vulgar nor stupid. It will pass, and Brazil, bird.
Carlos de Souza Schneider (Porto Alegre, RS)

Covid in Brasilia
“Eduardo Bolsonaro, minister Tereza Cristina and Bruno Bianco, from AGU, receive a diagnosis of Covid” (Poder, 24/9). They could send them to receive “special care” at Prevent Senior. It would be a complement to the “research”.
José Carlos Cardoso Fernandes (Araçoiaba da Serra, SP)

Balance of trip to USA: Science 4 x 0 Ignorant.

What a trip! The UN could hold an assembly a week. That would end our problems.
Luiz Roberto Rocha Teixeira (Sao Paulo-SP)

Cannibalism began. It’s a virus eating others. I hope that a new strain doesn’t come out of this disgusting cross.
Vincent Oliveira (Maceió, AL)

Was the animal dewormer not effective?

Prevent Senior
This healthcare company should be ashamed of having turned its facilities into a laboratory for guinea pigs against Covid 19, disregarding the fundamental principles of the research: respect for the patient, beneficence and justice. Congratulations to the doctors who denounced and honored the Hippocratic Oath.
Ricardo Bertini Filho (Jaguariúna, SP)

Hélio Schwartsman points out the medical autonomy that is too much defended by Prevent Senior and by the Federal Council of Medicine (“Too much autonomy”, Opinion, 24/9). Professional freedom is only converted into autonomy through reasoned choices, which are therefore qualified and legitimated. Otherwise, we have corporate licentiousness harmful to society.
Walter Roberto Correia (Sao Paulo-SP)

violence against women
José de Abreu, the Bolsonaro on the left, attacks women with foul terms on social networks and works very little.
Vital Romaneli Penha (Jacareí SP)

Angela Alonso’s lucid analysis of the owners of the narrative in the article “Cornucopia” (Poder, 24/9) is perfect. She is a columnist who always shines a light on this Folha.
Antonio Carlos Fester (Sao Paulo-SP)

It seems that Bolsonaro is managing, if not the opinions, at least the vernacular of great writers (“Too much shit to clean the cloth”, Ruy Castro, 23/9). The foul language, characteristic of the agent, is becoming a school while the polite and respectful language is being left behind.
Alexandre Martini Neto (Rio Claro, SP)