‘Manhattan Connection’ leaves TV Cultura after less than a year – Cultura

O Manhattan Connection will no longer be displayed by TV Culture, announced the station on Saturday, 25. The last unreleased program aired on Wednesday, 22, and the attraction will air for the last time with its rerun on Sunday, 26. According to a statement, the decision was taken “in common I wake up”.

On the official profile of Manhattan Connection on Twitter, the excerpt of the song was published Parents and sons, by Legião Urbana: “I’ve lived in so many houses that I don’t even remember anymore”. It is a reference to the stations the program has been through: GNT, Globo News (from where it came out in November 2020) and Cultura (where it had premiered in January of this year).

In May, the program showed signs that it was experiencing turmoil, wide open with the resignation of one of its commentators, Diogo Mainardi. On April 28, he argued with the lawyer Antônio Carlos de Almeida Castro, known as Kakay, even using the curse “go take no c*”.

Check out the full statement released by the broadcaster below:

“TV Cultura informs that the program Manhattan Connection it will have its last airing on the network this Sunday (26/9), when the rerun of the Wednesday (22) edition will be aired.

By mutual agreement, TV Cultura and Blend Negócios Divulgação e Editoração Ltda., the company responsible for the production and licensing of Manhattan Connection rights, decided not to continue the program.

The direction of TV Cultura wishes success to Manhattan and its presenters, whom he thanks for the period of airing at the station.”

The last Manhattan Connection recorded on TV Cultura with the participation of journalist Mariliz Pereira Jorge and state deputy Janaína Paschoal (PSL-SP). On her Twitter, Janaína revealed that she believed she was the cause of the program’s ending: “They’re going to close the Manhattan Connection because I criticized the governor and the journalists, correctly, did not edit the program! My solidarity with the entire team!”

You can watch the entire latest edition on the attraction’s YouTube channel: