The Farm: Dayane Mello goes to the quilt with Nego do Borel and MC Gui asks: ”Want to stay there?”

Visibly drunk, Dayane Mello goes to bed with Nego do Borel after a party and makes the pedestrians worried

Dayane Mello (32) left the pawns of The Farm 13 worried after the party at dawn this Saturday, 25.

Visibly drunk, the model lay in bed with Borel (29).

MC GUI (23), Solange Gomes (47) tried to draw the singer’s attention to the fact that she was unconscious. Rich Melquiades he saw Nego hiding in the duvet and joked that the funkeiro was excited to be lying next to Dayane.

At the table, Nego denied: “Stop vacillating, with me. You’re filming and all of Brazil is watching. Stop it, man. This is no joke, no. My mother is watching, bro. My mother is watching, don’t do it”.

“Stop stop Stop”, shot MC Gui. “So as not to give a problem, get her out of there”, asked Solange.

The camera of Playplus, the reality streaming platform, turned to a place where it was no longer possible to see Borel’s bed. Erasmus Viana, who was in the bed beside her, declared: “They’re both single. What’s the problem? She’s there because she wants to.”

MC Gui noticed that Dayane didn’t speak up during the conversation and started calling her: “Day, okay? Are you sure you want to stay there? Do you want to go to your bed or stay there, Day? Answer, Day.”, he said.

“Answer, Day”, asked Solange too. “Oh, Day, if you want to stay there, answer” asked again MC Gui. “Seriously chat. If she doesn’t respond, you’re the one who leaves, Nego., also shot to Nego.

MC Bill asked Solange to calm down. “Sun, don’t burn. I’m asking her. If she talks is one thing,” he said. “But she’s totally drunk,” screamed Gugu’s ex-bathtub.

Dayane ended up waking up to the noise in the room and went to lie down on the bed that was from Fernanda Medrado, who gave up the game. “I’m leaving”, she said.

On social networks, netizens accuse Nego do Borel of sexual violence, as Day asked the singer to stop. “Stop it, I have a daughter, to”, she fired when the lights were off. At the moment, it was possible to hear the sounds of kisses and sighs.

Liziane Gutierrez is the first eliminated from ‘A Fazenda 13’

Liziane Gutierrez (35) was the first participant to leave the program. She was the least voted by the public on Thursday night, 23, with 26.15% of the votes, in a dispute against Nego do Borel and Solange Gomes.

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