Daughter of Pelé reveals the former player’s true state of health and shows an unusual moment

Pelé underwent surgery after discovering a colon tumor (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Kely Nascimento, daughter of Skin, returned to update his father’s admirers about his state of health, who is still hospitalized. The football idol’s heiress posted a photo playing cards with the famous at Albert Einstein Hospital.

The former player, it is worth remembering, is hospitalized recovering from surgery to remove a tumor in the colon. In the caption, she wrote: “Teaching me to play locks. I’m getting beaten!”.

“Trying to convince myself that I have to give him all figured cards. And even insisted on taking pictures of my state of confusion! In recent days, SEVERAL steps forward”, completed the daughter of Pelé.

Last Thursday (23), it is worth remembering, the famous man thanked the nurses at the Albert Einstein Hospital who have been helping him in his recovery. In a post on social media, the “King” also praised two nurses, Alessandro and Leandro:

“The human being is amazing. There are professions that demand the daily exercise of solidarity, love of neighbor and kindness. Many thanks to nurses Alessandro and Leandro, who look after me every day. Together we are an invincible team!”, wrote the former player.

Last Sunday (19), the artist resorted to networks to reassure fans about his health. The ex-star put the good mood into the game and published in his feed an amusing photo in which he appears throwing “joyful punches” in the corridor of the hospital where he is hospitalized, in São Paulo.

In the post caption, the retired player thanked all the affection he has received in recent days. He also took the opportunity to say thank you to the medical team responsible for his case.

“As you can see, I’m punching the air in celebration of each better day. Good mood is the best medicine and I have plenty of that”, he declared.

“It couldn’t be different. I have received so much affection that my heart is full of gratitude. Thanks to all the amazing staff at Albert Einstein Hospital!”, finished.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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