Abel focuses on the psychological and promises Palmeiras fighting “nail and teeth” against Atlético-MG | palm trees

Three days before facing Atlético-MG for a spot in the Libertadores final, Palmeiras lost the derby to Corinthians, by Brasileirão, by 2-1, on Saturday night.

Coach Abel Ferreira intends to work on the psychological part of the team so as not to let the defeat in Derby shake the team.

– That’s why the 24-hour rule isn’t just for victories, it’s for defeats too. The Brazilian player has physical capacity, talent, technique, he has plenty, but the ability to deal with adversity, obstacles, is an aspect that needs to be improved.

– The club has a structure that works in this area. The teams have structure, good players, good coaches, but in my opinion what makes the difference is what is between the two ears (head), how focused, concentrated, competitive. Competing to win is everything – he analyzed.

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Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, during team training — Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

The Portuguese showed confidence in the classification of Palmeiras for the Libertadores final.

– In the next game, we will be ready, confident, working on the mental part. It’s a game that decides a spot for the Libertadores final. We are the current champions and we will defend the title tooth and nail. We’re up against a tough team, which made a huge investment, but with our weapons and intelligence, we’re going to try to be competitive. Our goal is to be in the final – he declared.

– I’ll confide in what Cuca told me in the last game. He said: “Let it be a good game, and if we are here it is because the teams are good.” That’s what’s going to happen, we’re going to dispute a ticket to the final and we’re going to do everything to be our Palmeiras team – he added.

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