Domingão: Juliette gets emotional in ‘Visiting the Past’, and rocks when singing with Sandy on stage; come watch!

How beautiful! Juliette received quite a surprise during her participation in “Domingão com Huck”, shown today (26). The “BBB 21” champion was honored in the “Visiting the Past” box. Furthermore, she was surprised by Sandy’s presence – one of her biggest inspirations since childhood. They sang together on stage, while the girl from Paraíba still presented her new songs – “Bença” and “Diferença Mara”.

The program built a replica of Juliette’s house in the Pedregal neighborhood, in Campina Grande (PB) – where she spent her childhood. The woman from Paraíba said that she lived in the residence for two periods during her youth. Her mother’s hairdressing salon, attached to the site, was also reproduced. “We’ve been working since we were little. My sister has worked since she was six, seven years old, and I think I have too”, she said, who still remembered the tragic loss of her sister, Juliene, victim of a stroke.

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Juliette means a gift from God, a girl who is always in my story. It helped me to raise my brothers, helped me to be the woman I am. Juliette, my baby, take care, feed, do your exercises, wear a mask. I don’t want to lose you, my beautiful one, the other one I’ve already lost is enough. Eat, you’re not eating, feed yourself, take your time for you to live, my daughter, it’s not just work, let’s live a little! You are a blessing, you are light, I love you!“, declared Dona Fátima, in the greatest way of being a mother, right?!

Another testimony that moved Ju was that of Tiago Leifert. “I went in my files to see what I wrote on the day of the interview [de seleção do BBB21]. ‘Hard head, but extremely smart and it will take work’. But that’s in a good way and I got it right! Ju, you know where you came from, you know everything you’ve been through, you know where your roots are. That’s why I tell you: zero concern. When they say: ‘Oh, the person will become very famous, they will have a lot of money, they will change’. I think the chance of this happening to you is zero. Congratulations on everything! I’m very proud to have been part of a little bit of your history”, said the presenter.

Sandy’s surprise

Until Sandy also gave her testimony, talking about the admiration that Juliette always had for her and for her brother. Shortly thereafter, she appeared on stage for a more than special performance. The singer left her isolation, traveled to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the occasion, and sang along with the woman from Paraíba the hits of the old “Quatro Estações” and the beautiful “Era uma Vez”. This was the first time Sandy had been on a live talk show since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. But the effort was worth it and rewarded with a memorable partnership.

Watch the videos below:

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Juliette’s artistic career

Juliette launched her first musical career project in early September. The EP “Juliette” reached digital platforms with six new songs, bringing the roots of Paraíba to her artistic work. “Music translates feelings and gives meaning to life. It is the speech of the soul. Music is a poetic way of translating this magic that is the human being. I’m crazy about music and now I’m having the time and opportunity to dedicate myself to this dream and I’m so grateful”, she said.

Juliette (2)
Juliette sings about the love, pleasures and hardships of life in her early tracks. (Photo: Fernando Tomaz)

Just as Juliette was a phenomenon on the reality show, her songs were also very successful. Bringing together love, difficulties and pleasures in life, in addition to the singer’s strong origins, the project became the best national debut in the history of Spotify in Brazil. There were 5,957,879 million reproductions just in the first 24 hours of launch. All six tracks on the album were included in the platform’s official “Top 50 Brasil” playlist. It’s a stick, see?

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Behind Juliette’s first songs, there are a great many composers and producers, starting with Umberto Tavares, owner of great hits of Brazilian funk and pop such as “Show das Poderosas”, “Bang” and “Sim ou Não” by Anitta . Rafinha RSQ (“Loka”; “Turbo Mode” and “Só Tem Eu”) and Shylton Fernandes (“Recairei” and “Morena”), also took turns. In addition to them, other country artists and Juliette’s friends played a key role in this project, such as Juzé, Dann Costara and Toim do Gado. Not to mention Anitta, who is also involved in writing and producing the release. Listen to the full EP below: