Enderson Moreira praises Botafogo’s stance, but preaches caution in Series B: “Disputed until the end” | firefight

After the defeat in the middle of the week, Botafogo returned to winning in Series B of the Brazilian Championship and reached the second place in the leaderboard. After the 2-0 result against Sampaio Corrêa, at Nilton Santos, on Sunday night, coach Enderson Moreira praised the team’s posture, but preached caution in relation to the rest of the competition.

– A demonstration of reaction after a negative result was very important. I think the first 25, 30 minutes maybe we didn’t play at the level we want, but then we did. This competition will be played until the end. The Championship is very equal, close and any team can beat any team. We have to prepare ourselves to face this last third of the championship.

Enderson also made a point of commenting on the solidity of the defensive system that gave no chance to Sampaio Corrêa’s team.

– We tried all the time to score and create a situation. Sampaio’s team knows a lot what to do, it’s fast and while we can’t score, it becomes a tense game, but we didn’t give them chances. We played the second half without slowing down, trying to press and play forward. We’re seeing a lot of teams with players unless they manage to win the game.

The Voice of the Fans - Pedro Dep: "Botafogo only entered the match in the final stretch of the 1st half"

A Voz da Torcida – Pedro Dep: “Botafogo only entered the match in the final stretch of the 1st half”

Check out other topics from the press conference:

– We have a way of playing. There are times when opponents are better, it happened against CSA. Our first half was very bad there and we didn’t have the strength to reverse. Low teams starting to win and everyone is interested in the competition. Victory playing life and it’s too important. We are going to face a tough opponent.

Fan’s return to the stadium

– Of course, it is a very special moment for all of us to listen to the fans at the stadium. The biggest reason for a club is the fan. We want to play for them and make them proud. The crowd was fantastic, as we came from defeat. It was support from start to finish and we want to dedicate it to the fans who were also at home. Maybe soon see Nilton Santos full.

– The first thing I have to pass on to the fans is that they take it easy with Rafael. It comes from a long inactive period, to a different reality in Brazilian football… We saw that he evolved a lot during the week and we need to be very careful for him to gain more conditions. Rafael has the ability to play in various positions, but we need to respect his characteristics. You can do the second line, be a full-back later on… It will bring a lot of maturity and quality to our team.

Highlights: Botafogo 2 x 0 Sampaio Corrêa, for the 26th round of the Brasileirão Serie B

Highlights: Botafogo 2 x 0 Sampaio Corrêa, for the 26th round of the Brasileirão Serie B

With the result, Botafogo reaches 47 points and takes the vice-leadership of the Brazilian Series B Championship. In the next round, Alvinegro will visit Vitória, in Barradão, in Salvador.

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