Junior Barranquilla players smell substance on the field and the club says they didn’t authorize it – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Reproduction

The players of Junior Barranquilla, from Colombia, smelled a substance on the field during the match against Atlético Huila, last Wednesday, for the Colombian Championship, and the images went viral through social networks.

Through the images, it is possible to see the players Fabián Angel and Willer Ditta using the substance. At that time, the game was 0-0. But, Junior Barranquila ended up winning 3-0. Only the two athletes smelled it during the game.

The use of the substance caused apprehension in the fans of Junior Barranquilla, due to possible doping. However, the club manifested itself and explained that it is ammonium carbonate, a legal substance. However, the two players did not ask the team for medical permission to use.