Ram and Chery can create a new class among the average pickup trucks

Some standards are established over the years and are rarely changed. In the universe of medium pickup trucks, for example, the traditional combination of the robust structure formed by the conventional chassis offering support to the body, as well as suspensions by rigid axle, are particularities that set the tone for these vehicles.

Apparently, many manufacturers will continue betting on this recipe for their representatives in the category. At new Ford Ranger and VW Amarok, which are being developed jointly, will preserve the conventional basic structure, something that should also occur in the next generation Chevrolet S10 national.

Two companies, however, may bet on a different path.

As we’ve already reported here on AUTO, the possibilities of Stellantis to act in the category of medium pickup trucks here in Brazil with a product developed under the Ram brand.

Its great appeal may reside, according to preliminary findings, in the monobloc structure, an important differential that provides superior ride quality and comfort level.

The constant evolution of materials (steel and its various types of conformation), in addition to production processes, already allow monoblock models to present a level of robustness equivalent to that of a vehicle with a conventional chassis. Fiat Toro, which can carry up to 1 ton in its bucket and offers 4×4 options, is a good example.

Tiggo pickup truck

Who can follow a similar path is Chery, according to findings from the South African website IOL.

The Chinese manufacturer announced its return to the country and left out relevant information. It is the “Tiggo PUP” project, a future pickup based on the company’s range of SUVs.

Details about the novelty are still scarce, but it is believed that Chery should build on the structure of its larger SUVs to develop a pickup truck with a load capacity of at least 1 ton.

It remains to be seen whether the Tiggo PUP project would include a model along the lines of Fiat Toro, Ford Maverick, among others, or would follow a line closer to that of a conventional medium pickup.

Kleber Silva's projection for the interior of the future pickup based on the Chery Tiggo range
Kleber Silva’s projection for the interior of the future pickup based on the Chery Tiggo range
Image: Kleber Silva/KDesign AG

The forecast is that the novelty should debut around 2023 and, without a doubt, it is a project to be closely monitored.

With production units in Anápolis (GO) and Jacareí (SP), an eventual pickup truck derived from the Tiggo line would be something very interesting for CAOA Chery to produce locally.

In parallel, the long-awaited representative of Ram should also have its production regionalized in Brazil or Argentina, two great consumers of models of the type.

Therefore, if the two novelties come out of the paper and, in fact, reach the Brazilian market, we will see the creation of a new class among the medium pickup trucks, which is great for competition and consumers’ power of choice.

Kleber Silva's projection for the pickup derived from the Tiggo PUP project
Kleber Silva’s projection for the pickup derived from the Tiggo PUP project
Image: Kleber Silva/KDesign AG