Rehearsal for 5G? Connected devices are a sample of how consumption will be after the auction

RIO – When brushing your teeth, an application indicates areas in the mouth that need more care. With a chip in the sole, the running shoe connects to the smartphone by bluetooth and monitor the workout. Before arriving home, the cell phone can also be used to activate the coffee maker or monitor the cooking time in the electric fryer.

More and more objects are already connected to the internet and their owners through applications, a trend that should explode with 5G, the new generation of mobile telephony that promises connection speed much faster than 4G and whose license auction government finally set for the beginning of November. Even with the delay in the public notice, which was only approved on Friday, the consumer goods industry has already started a race to guarantee space in the gondola of the future.

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The search for greater connectivity in everyday life gained strength with virtual assistants like Alexa, from Amazon, which is already capable of activating 500 products in Brazil and more than 100,000 items around the world, from air conditioning to soap dishes that play music and read news while hands are washed. Daniel Almeida, Business Development manager for Alexa in Brazil, says that 5G will greatly enhance the collection of pluggable products in the industry:

— With increasing scale, products become more accessible and ideas begin to appear. The 5G will be an inducer. It’s natural to influence the connected home. Our goal is to grow this ecosystem, which started with universal TVs, lamps and remote controls.

Brazilian Multilaser launched an electronic babysitter integrated to its Liv platform, which allows remote operation through an app, and is already planning other products. Silvia Tamai, Marketing Director at Philips Walita, is preparing the launch of electric fryers linked to a nutrition app with tips and recipes that are also able to plan food preparation time based on each user’s personal data.

— 5G will play a key role. We are a little behind in relation to some countries, but it will be a path of no return. Everyone wants connected products – says Silvia.

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Artificial intelligence

Oral-B has launched electric brushes that help correct brushing with artificial intelligence. Collect data during use and learn.

— Our focus is to add more value to oral health and, with technology, bring more benefits to the consumer — says Luis Siqueira, Marketing Director at Oral-B.

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The same logic was applied by Vulcabras, which has just launched the Under Armor chip tennis brand, which works as a virtual trainer.

— The technology helps to gather data such as the time the foot remains on the ground and the frequency of the stride. It helps to create new products based on consumer information — says Rafael Santos, the brand’s Marketing Manager.

Technology expert Armando Soares says that these examples are still “appetizers”, but he points out that the Brazilian industry could be much further ahead in this promising field if 5G were at a more advanced stage:

— With 5G, everything will be expanded and we will be able to create solutions for new needs. The healthcare area is an industry case where we are going to see new applications.

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Anthropologist Mario Ottos believes that the practicality promised by the technology — albeit with higher prices — increasingly seduces consumers in search of “their best version”, even though there are doubts about how companies use the data:

— Knowing if I’m brushing the right tooth and how much I’ve run today has more relevant benefits than worrying about how this data can be used in the future.

Businessman Gustavo Annecchini is the type of consumer who is no longer able to do without the internet. Not even when you sleep. It uses apps to monitor the quality of sleep, exercise and the amount of water you drink each day.

— These are resources that help us to be always looking for the best quality of life. Products are increasingly connected and integrated. Imagine when everything gets faster? enthuses Annechhini, who heads the art agency company Oroboro Entertainment.

consumption generates consumption

In the beauty area, Foreo has a face massager that is only activated by cell phone. An app defines the intensity of electrical pulses according to treatment types. According to Ana Chechetti, manager of the company in Brazil, the interface allows for a more accurate survey of consumer needs, which helps companies to develop increasingly targeted products and solutions.

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This cycle is a huge potential in the consumption chain, points out consumer behavior expert Maribel Suarez, professor at Coppead/UFRJ:

— You buy a device that has a connection and saves time, optimization and efficiency. And then you start to make other changes in series, because the products have a relationship logic.

Nespresso has created an app that updates the coffeemakers’ software so that they recognize new flavor capsules and adjust the amount of water needed for preparation. On some models, the app still turns on and off.

— The more we integrate machines with the cell phone, the more we can stay close to customers — says Gabriel Nobre, the company’s commercial director.content quinta 2409