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In 2020 netizens resurrected an old Márcio Garcia video with president Jair Bolsonaro. In the video in question, Márcio appears partying with the President of the Republic in a 2017 event and approaches him, giving him a hug and several kisses on the cheek. The video was reposted on Twitter after it went viral on Tik Tok and soon became one of the most discussed topics on the web.

And this Friday (24), this controversy came to light during the program Conversa com Bial, on Globo. The presenter Pedro Bial interviewed Márcio Garcia.

During the interview, the actor and presenter was asked about his political positions and ended up commenting on a kiss he gave President Jair Bolsonaro, which had a very negative repercussion.

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“There’s a story of mine that many people must have seen, I can talk openly, a kiss I gave Bolsonaro (…). I went to play a joke on him because of homophobia. He asked for a photo, and I said: ‘Only if you’re kissing, but you won’t fall in love because I’m already married’. I went to make fun of him and I got upset because what was registered was the kissing scene”, he confessed.

Márcio Garcia kissing Jair Bolsonaro Click Brasil Oficial

Still on politics, Márcio commented: “I have already approached other politicians, who I even defended at some point. What is left of this story? I don’t have a pet policy and never will. I will never blindly defend someone I have supported, because the person who most deserves to demand it is me, who cast the vote. If I gave the vote to someone, I have to collect it”, he confessed.

Last year, the presenter lost his father because of covid-19 and made a post that moved the web, as it was right at the time when the pandemic was at its peak in Brazil.

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