Banks will block funds for 72 hours in case of suspected Pix fraud

Banks will block funds for 72 hours in case of suspected Pix fraud

Photo: Leonardo Sá/Senate Agency

Financial institutions that suspect fraud may block, for up to 72 hours, the suspicious resources, received through Pix, from the receiving user’s account. The measure was recently disclosed by the Central Bank (BC) and takes effect from November 16th.

“The option will allow the institution to carry out a more robust fraud analysis, increasing the probability of recovery of funds by paying users who were victims of some crime. Whenever the precautionary block is triggered, the institution must immediately notify the receiving user”, stated the BC in a statement.

The BC also determined that the financial institution will be required to notify infractions, even in cases of transactions in which payer and receiver have an account in the same institution. Currently, notification is optional.

“This mechanism allows institutions to register a marking in the Pix key, in the CPF/CNPJ of the user and in the account number when there is a well-founded suspicion of fraud. This information will be shared with other institutions whenever there is a query to a Pix key, giving more support to the institutions’ fraud prevention mechanisms”, said the BC.