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Gui Araujo was left without a microphone and caused another punishment in A Fazenda 2021: the house will be without coffee for 24 hours. This Tuesday (28), after Anitta’s ex-boyfriend repeated the mistake made by Erasmo Viana over the weekend, Dayane Mello complained about the collusion of pedestrians with the flaw: “Here you see machismo”.

The controversy began when Araujo removed the microphone in the collective shower area. Hearing the alarm, the boys commented briefly on the case, but didn’t complain incisively about the failure — which displeased Dayane.

Alongside Tati Quebra Barraco and Valentina Francavilla, the model criticized the boys’ behavior: “Here you can already see machismo, the difference that men can and women can’t.”

Minutes later, the inmates were informed of the punishment. “Without coffee I can’t stand it, I won’t stand it,” joked Victor Pecoraro. “There’s no coffee tomorrow morning,” warned Mileide Mihaile.

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